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2018 PA Marco Filly

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Arabian Horse Fantasy Pedigree
GAZAL AL SHAQAB QASB*620 Bay 1995 ANAZA EL FARID AHR*423140 Bay 1988
KAJORA QASB*722 Bay 1979
MARWAN AL SHAQAB AHR*599438 Bay 2000
LITTLE LIZA FAME QASB*736 Bay 1987 FAME VF AHR*268987 Bay 1982
KATAHZA AHR*224369 Bay 1981
PA MARCO AHR*640667 Bay 2008
*PADRON AHR*175389 Chestnut 1977 PATRON AVS*586 Chestnut 1966
ODESSA AVS*678 Chestnut 1973
CASSANDRA SS AHR*605151 Chestnut 2002
HK CAMAYA AHR*399537 Grey 1987 *MUSCAT AHR*177179 Chestnut 1971
*CAMAAY AHR*317910 Grey 1983
WOJSLAW PASB*4546 Bay 1986 TALLIN PASB*4377 Bay 1978
WILEJKA PASB*3272 Chestnut 1976
EMANOR AHR*557610 Grey 1993
EMANACJA PASB*4437 Grey 1986 EUKALIPTUS PASB*3007 Grey 1974
EMIGRACJA PASB*3652 Grey 1980
MSU ABELLA AHR*645558 Bay 2009
PASK AHR*172385 Bay 1978 *EL PASO AHR*128871 Bay 1967
DESERT CROSS AHR*93242 Bay 1973
SFI PASANTA AHR*530491 Bay 1994
S F SANDRIA AHR*420270 Chestnut 1988 MS SANTANA AHR*174601 Bay 1978
AIEDA AHR*171496 Bay 1978

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PA Marco x MSU Abella | 2018 Bay Colt |

By PA Marco and out of the *Emanor daughter MSU Abella. The cross between Marco and our Emanor daughters is a special one. These foals have long, correct legs, great hips and pretty heads. This colt is a pretty athlete and will make a beautiful western horse.