About PA Marco

By Connie O’Brien

PA Marco is the product of the illustrious Marwan al Shaqab and our own daughter of *Padron, Cassandra SS. PA Marco’s heritage contains many of the greatest Arabian horses in history. The great Marwan al Shaqab needs no introduction, he has been a leading international sire for over a decade. Aside from his accomplishments as a halter sire, Marwan al Shaqab’s pedigree contains National Champions, International winners, and elite producers such as Fame VF, Kajora, and Al-Marah Radames. PA Marco’s dam, Cassandra SS, was carefully created from the very best progenitors of the legendary Tersk breeding program of Russia, including * Muscat, Muslin, *Padron (1/2 Russian), and our foundation mare *Panama of Tersk. His great-great granddam *Panama of Tersk is the basis of our success, having produced National winners Arius SS and Plamista SS, her presence in PA Marco’s pedigree is of paramount importance.  Her great granddaughter, HK Camaya, was one of the best *Muscat daughters according to Howard Kale Jr. PA Marco’s pedigree, beauty, and his outstanding attributes and athletic ability have all contributed to the uniformly excellent foals he is producing.

Disposition has always been a priority in our breeding program. We have carefully selected individuals from our breeding program for generations who are calm, gentle, and trainable. Cassandra SS is the best representative we have ever produced, and her production record is evidence of this. PA Marco trainer Nathan Kent has trained PA Marco, Cassandra SS herself, and two of Cassandra SS’s offspring, both of which have won major titles in reining, ranch riding, and trail classes. All of the PA Marco related horses we have trained and shown have been successful at the Scottsdale or National level. PA Marco’s pedigree is the perfect complement to the leading Western Pleasure and Working Western bloodlines today. His foals are just now being put to saddle and we expect to see National winners in many disciplines as they enter the show arenas.

“PA Marco is a real horse. It always makes me happy when a horse is beautiful and can also be a great athlete.” – Howard Kale Jr.

PA Marco is standing at the respected Michigan State University in 2019 and will be available for breeding to outside mares.  He is being recognized as a unique opportunity as a breeding horse due to his pedigree, quality, and outstanding athletic abilities. Please join us on the journey of PA Marco, it’s a blast!


AHA Sweepstakes Nominated Sire
Arabian Western Pleasure Association Nominated Sire
AWPA Nominated for 2021


  • 2018 Scottsdale Champion Arabian Reining, Intermediate; Top Ten Open

  • 2017 U.S. National Top Ten Arabian Reining Open

  • 2016 U.S. National Reserve Champion Arabian Reining Open Derby

  • 2016 U.S. National Top Ten (5th) Arabian Reining Horse Open

  • 2016 Scottsdale Champion Arabian Reining Open Derby

  • 2016 Scottsdale Top Ten (5th) Arabian Reining Horse Open

  • 2015 Scottsdale Top Ten Arabian Reining Horse Open

  • 2013 U.S. National Reserve Champion Arabian Reining Futurity

  • 2013 U.S. National Reserve Champion Arabian Reining Junior Horse

  • 2012 Champion Scottsdale Signature Western Pleasure Futurity

  • 2011 US National Reserve Champion Western Pleasure Futurity

  • Over $26,000 lifetime combined earnings in Western Pleasure and Reining

By Cindy Reich

PA Marco’s athletic prowess is clearly a result of his ability to move in absolute balance. His drive and impulse from behind is mirrored by his stride forward.  Both diagonal legs in the air are describing a similar arc, with exceptional drive from behind. [click here read full analysis]


“I have managed the MSU Horse Teaching and Research Center for the past 28 years. I have made many mating decisions over the years. I can say without a doubt that the decision to breed our mares to PA Marco was one of the best breeding decisions I have made. The PA Marco babies are Peas in a Pod! We bred several mares of diverse pedigrees to Marco and had the same results. Pretty heads, great feet and legs, strong hindquarters and long hooky necks. The Marco babies will be amazing performance horses and I can hardly wait until they are old enough to start them under saddle.” – Paula Hitzler, Farm Manager, MSU Department of Animal Science