About PA Marco

By Connie O’Brien

PA Marco is the result of breeding the great Marwan al Shaqab to our mare, Cassandra SS (*Padron x HK Camaya). From the beginning, he learned almost without being taught. He was gentle, friendly, intelligent, and kind. He also displayed presence, quality, beauty and strong athletic Russian movement. Marco enjoyed life in a large pasture with friends where he grew up strong and well-adjusted. Marco was sent to master trainer Brett Becker for western pleasure. Within a year’s time at three years of age, he was named 2011 US National Reserve Champion Western Pleasure Futurity, followed by 2012 Champion Signature Western Pleasure Maturity and many other honors.

I always wanted to get involved in Arabian reining. As Marco matured, he displayed tremendous physical abilities and strength. Marco began a new career with NRHA professional Nathan Kent. A few months later, Nathan rode Marco to the titles of 2013 US National Reserve Championship Arabian Reining Futurity and Junior Horse. By the time Marco finished his show career, he earned multiple reining titles at US Nationals, Scottsdale, Regional awards and he earned more than $24,000 prize money in Western Pleasure and Reining.

“PA Marco is a real horse. It always makes me happy when a horse is beautiful and can also be a great athlete.” – Howard Kale Jr.

Since 2017, Marco has been standing at the respected Michigan State University for of the five years. He has already produced two National Champions; MSU Sapphira and CLC Marc Strailey, the first two offspring ever to be shown at this level. His older foals are now four years of age and several them are set to be shown at US Nationals and other major shows in the future.

PA Marco has a very special place in our hearts. He was given his all in the show ring, he has been a friend and a horse I ride on the ranch. Now, he is being recognized as spectacular and consistent producer of quality, and Please join us in the journey of PA Marco!


AHA Sweepstakes Nominated Sire
Arabian Western Pleasure Association
Scottsdale Signature Nominated Sire


  • 2018 Scottsdale Champion Arabian Reining Intermediate

  • 2016 U.S. National Reserve Champion Arabian Reining Derby

  • 2016 Scottsdale Champion Arabian Reining Derby

  • 2013 U.S. National Reserve Champion Arabian Futurity and Junior Horse

  • 2012 Scottsdale Champion Signature Western Pleasure Maturity

  • 2011 U.S. National Reserve Champion Western Pleasure Futurity

  • Multiple US National and Scottsdale Arabian Reining Top Ten awards

  • Over $26,000 LTE in Western Pleasure and Reining

By Cindy Reich

PA Marco’s athletic prowess is clearly a result of his ability to move in absolute balance. His drive and impulse from behind is mirrored by his stride forward.  Both diagonal legs in the air are describing a similar arc, with exceptional drive from behind. [click here read full analysis]


“I have managed the MSU Horse Teaching and Research Center for the past 33 years. I have made many mating decisions over the years. I can say without a doubt the decision to breed our mares to PA Marco was one of the best breeding decisions I have made. The PA Marco babies are Peas in a Pod! We have bred many mares of diverse pedigrees to Marco and had the same results. Pretty heads, great feet and legs, strong hindquarters, and long hooky necks. The Marco babies are amazing performance horses winning national titles in many disciplines from working western, sport horse in hand, dressage and now western pleasure and hunter pleasure. All the PA Marco babies are pretty athletes!” – Paula Hitzler, Manager MSU Horse Teaching and Research Center