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ALA Jazira Bey

Pedigree Gallery

Arabian Horse Pedigree for ALA JAZIRA BEY

BAY-ABI++ AHR*12335 Bay 1957 ERRABI AHR*5473 Chestnut 1949
ARABI KABIR AHR*2379 Chestnut 1942
FERDIRAH AHR*923 Bay 1932
ANGYL AHR*4824 Bay 1948
*RASEYN AHR*597 Grey 1923
*WIERNA AHR*3935 Bay 1938
BAY EL BEY++ AHR*54146 Bay 1969
*NAGANKA AHR*20338 Grey 1952 BAD AFAS PASB*958 Bay 1940
BAD PASB*27 Bay 1929
NAJADA PASB*518 Grey 1932
FETYSZ PASB*97 Grey 1924
GAZELLA II PASB*112 Bay 1914
AUGUST BEY V+++/ AHR*312522 Bay 1984
*BASK++ AHR*25460 Bay 1956 WITRAZ PASB*901 Bay 1938
OFIR PASB*573 Bay 1933
MAKATA PASB*248 Grey 1931
BALALAJKA PASB*962 Grey 1941
IWONKA III PASB*723 Chestnut 1936
AUTUMN FIRE AHR*102604 Bay 1973
FADHEILAN AHR*2603 Bay 1942
BINT SAHARA AHR*2394 Grey 1942
TAZA AHR*8252 Bay 1953
GHAZAMAR AHR*3624 Chestnut 1946
TREYF AHR*657 Bay 1928
ALA JAZIRA BEY AHR*609866 Bay 2004 
HUCKLEBERRY BEY++ AHR*144007 Bay 1976 BAY EL BEY++ AHR*54146 Bay 1969
BAY-ABI AHR*12335 Bay 1957
*NAGANKA AHR*20338 Grey 1952
TAFFONA AHR*35297 Bay 1966
RAFFON AHR*19040 Bay 1961
WANETA AHR*13961 Bay 1958
PHANTOM V AHR*374945 Chestnut 1987
GAI PADRONA AHR*225742 Chestnut 1981 *PADRON AHR*175389 Chestnut 1977
PATRON AVS*586 Chestnut 1966
ODESSA AVS*678 Chestnut 1973
GAI-GA-RAGEYMA AHR*47151 Grey 1968
*NABORR AHR*25472 Grey 1950
GA-RAGEYMA AHR*13717 Chestnut 1958
PHOEME AHR*532494 Bay 1996
KHEMOSABI++++// AHR*45471 Bay 1967 AMERIGO AHR*20585 Grey 1962
FERSEYN AHR*1381 Grey 1937
*SZARZA AHR*18275 Grey 1956
JURNEEKA++ AHR*13435 Bay 1958
FADJUR AHR*7668 Bay 1952
FADNEEKA AHR*6042 Bay 1950
B G KHEMOETTE AHR*377302 Bay 1987
B G BASQETTE AHR*243099 Bay 1982 KOBALT AHR*139712 Grey 1976
LA BASQUE AHR*88014 Bay 1972
FAYRIEFA AHR*55418 Grey 1969
BAY BASQUE AHR*148752 Bay 1977
LA BASQUE AHR*88014 Bay 1972
BAYLLERINA AHR*44834 Bay 1967

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August Bey V+++/ x Phoeme | 2004 Bay Mare | Owned By: Rocksanne Pieters

Rocksanne Pieter of Ramona, California, owner of Ala Jazira Bey. “Jaz is the first foal I bred for.  My mother bred horses for many years while I was growing up.  I wanted to replace the Country English mare I had, but she lost 3 pregnancies, so I leased Phoeme from very good friends of mine.  After 4 years of trying, I got my beautiful filly.  She is not Country, but a beautiful dressage/sport horse.  And now, a great broodmare.

I chose PA Marco based on several things: beauty, movement, even temperament, and a strong motor.  My mare’s weakness is in her hind end, and needs a good hip.  My mare has done well with producing type, size (big body and height), good movement, and intelligence.  PA Marco has the attributes I feel will compliment my mare.  The final decision was his participation in the SSS and AWPA programs. Jaz has had two colts (now geldings), she is 14 and I am looking for a filly as a replacement for her.  In case the foal is a colt, it will have value as a money-winning gelding.  I think the foal will be competitive in halter and performance”.

ALA Jazira Bey had a lovely bay filly in 2020.