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Cassandra SS

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Arabian Horse Pedigree for CASSANDRA SS

ASWAN RASB*1379 Grey 1958 NAZEER RAS*247 Grey 1934
MANSOUR RAS*111 Grey 1921
BINT SAMIHA RAS*133 Bay 1925
YOSREIA RAS*399 Grey 1943
SHEIKH EL ARAB RAS*228 Grey 1933
HIND RAS*162 Bay 1929
PATRON AVS*586 Chestnut 1966
PODRUGA RASB*823 Chestnut 1951 PRIBOJ RASB*313 Chestnut 1944
PIOLUN RASB*75 Chestnut 1934
RISSALMA RASB*64 Chestnut 1932
DIKARKA RASB*42 Chestnut 1930
DENOUSTE SBFAR*5132 Chestnut 1921
CARABINE RASB*19 Chestnut 1925
*PADRON AHR*175389 Chestnut 1977
BRIGHT WINGS AVS*280 Chestnut 1965 BRIGHT SHADOW AHSB*1311 Chestnut 1948
RADI GSB*821 Bay 1925
PALE SHADOW GSB*1185 Chestnut 1944
SILENT WINGS AHSB*2096 Chestnut 1954
ORAN GSB*1076 Chestnut 1940
SILFINA GSB*1192 Chestnut 1944
ODESSA AVS*678 Chestnut 1973
SERINDA AVS*335 Chestnut 1969 SERADIN AHSB*3090 Chestnut 1962
MANASSEH GSB*1026 Bay 1937
SILINDRA GSB*1471 Chestnut 1950
CINDERS AHSB*2648 Chestnut 1959
ALGOLSON GSB*1546 Chestnut 1952
YATEEMAH GSB*1664 Grey 1954
CASSANDRA SS AHR*605151 Chestnut 2002 
SALON RASB*1412 Grey 1959 NEGATIV RASB*377 Grey 1945
NASEEM RASB*5 Grey 1922
TARASZCZA RASB*108 Grey 1937
SONATA RASB*433 Chestnut 1946
SKRZYP RASB*89 Chestnut 1936
ODALISKA RASB*208 Bay 1941
*MUSCAT AHR*177179 Chestnut 1971
MALPIA RASB*1349 Chestnut 1958 PRIBOJ RASB*313 Chestnut 1944
PIOLUN RASB*75 Chestnut 1934
RISSALMA RASB*64 Chestnut 1932
MAMMONA RASB*168 Bay 1939
OFIR PASB*573 Bay 1933
KRUCICA PASB*201 Chestnut 1929
HK CAMAYA AHR*399537 Grey 1987
ANTEY AVS*2246 Bay 1972 ASWAN RASB*1379 Grey 1958
NAZEER RAS*247 Grey 1934
YOSREIA RAS*399 Grey 1943
NEMEZIDA RASB*1642 Bay 1967
ARAX RASB*1018 Bay 1952
NEPOSEDA RASB*1206 Chestnut 1955
*CAMAAY AHR*317910 Grey 1983
*CAMILLAA AHR*267400 Grey 1974 MUSLIN AVS*503 Grey 1968
SALON RASB*1412 Grey 1959
MAGNOLIA RASB*1421 Bay 1960
PANAMA AVS*462 Bay 1964
ARAX RASB*1018 Bay 1952
PLATINA RASB*801 Bay 1950

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*Padron x HK Camaya | 2002 Chestnut Mare |

From the moment Cassandra SS was born it was obvious she was special. Her striking resemblance to *Padron insured her a lifetime home with us. All the splendid attributes of her forebears were generously bestowed upon her. As she grew she displayed superior character; friendly, highly cooperative and trainable. Moreover she was a gifted athlete along with dry refinement and type. By the time Cassandra turned five years old she was in training with the great horseman Brett Becker in western pleasure where she distinguished herself yet again. I asked Brett how she was to train, he described her as a saint.

Just before her first show, the Region 3 Championships, our friend breeder Dr. Istvan Merchenthaler of Pannonia Arabians called, he was in a real pickle. He purchased a breeding to living legend Marwan al Shaqab and the mare he intended to use tragically died. He had leased this mare from us so we offered a replacement, especially given the quality of the legendary sire, Marwan. Cassandra was leased to Dr. Merchenthaler and bred to Marwan, then shown at Region 3 under saddle where she won Top Five honors in her first show ever. She then came home to our ranch to fulfill her destiny as a broodmare.