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Odessa NSB

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Arabian Horse Pedigree for ODESSA NSB
RADI GSB*821 Bay 1925 RISHAN GSB*757 Bay 1922
NADIR GSB*392 Bay 1901
RISH GSB*446 Bay 1903
RAZINA GSB*759 Chestnut 1922
RASIM GSB*517 Chestnut 1906
RIYALA GSB*491 Chestnut 1905
BRIGHT SHADOW AHSB*1311 Chestnut 1948
PALE SHADOW GSB*1185 Chestnut 1944 RISSALIX GSB*989 Chestnut 1934
FARIS GSB*788 Chestnut 1924
RISSLA GSB*696 Chestnut 1917
SHAMNAR GSB*1066 Chestnut 1939
NAZIRI GSB*816 Grey 1925
RAZINA GSB*759 Chestnut 1922
BRIGHT WINGS AVS*280 Chestnut 1965
ORAN GSB*1076 Chestnut 1940 RIFFAL GSB*1020 Bay 1936
NAUFAL GSB*674 Bay 1916
RAZINA GSB*759 Chestnut 1922
ASTRELLA GSB*895 Chestnut 1929
RASEEM GSB*756 Chestnut 1922
AMIDA GSB*632 Chestnut 1913
SILENT WINGS AHSB*2096 Chestnut 1954
SILFINA GSB*1192 Chestnut 1944 INDIAN GOLD GSB*985 Chestnut 1934
FERHAN GSB*813 Grey 1925
NISREEN GSB*706 Bay 1919
SHARFINA GSB*1036 Chestnut 1937
RYTHAM GSB*914 Chestnut 1929
SHARIMA GSB*957 Chestnut 1932
ODESSA NSB AHR*310663 Chestnut 1973 
MANASSEH GSB*1026 Bay 1937 JOSEPH GSB*690 Bay 1917
NADIR GSB*392 Bay 1901
MAISUNA GSB*329 Bay 1898
AATIKA GSB*976 Chestnut 1933
ALGOL GSB*881 Chestnut 1928
RIZADA GSB*801 Bay 1924
SERADIN AHSB*3090 Chestnut 1962
SILINDRA GSB*1471 Chestnut 1950 RAKTHA GSB*988 Grey 1934
NASEEM GSB*752 Grey 1922
RAZINA GSB*759 Chestnut 1922
SILFINA GSB*1192 Chestnut 1944
INDIAN GOLD GSB*985 Chestnut 1934
SHARFINA GSB*1036 Chestnut 1937
SERINDA AVS*335 Chestnut 1969
ALGOLSON GSB*1546 Chestnut 1952 ALGOL GSB*881 Chestnut 1928
ALDEBAR GSB*713 Chestnut 1919
RANGHA GSB*603 Chestnut 1911
MYOLANDA GSB*1328 Chestnut 1948
MANASSEH GSB*1026 Bay 1937
MYOLA GSB*1035 Bay 1937
CINDERS AHSB*2648 Chestnut 1959
YATEEMAH GSB*1664 Grey 1954 BLUE DOMINO GSB*1278 Chestnut 1947
RISSALIX GSB*989 Chestnut 1934
NISEYRA GSB*1001 Chestnut 1935
SALINAS GSB*1300 Grey 1947
GREY OWL GSB*984 Grey 1934
SHAMNAR GSB*1066 Chestnut 1939

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Bright Wings x Serinda | 1973 Chestnut Mare |

*Odessa NSB is the dam of *Padron, one of the most influential stallions in modern Arabian breed history.  She is also the great grand dam of PA Marco. The filly on her side is Odessey SS (Kilimandsharo x *Odessa NSB), who went on to be Scottsdale Reserve Champion Arabian Western Pleasure Junior Horse.