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VLF Electra

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Arabian Horse Pedigree for VLF ELECTRA+
NUREDDIN SAHR*439 Bay 1953 WITRAZ PASB*901 Bay 1938
OFIR PASB*573 Bay 1933
MAKATA PASB*248 Grey 1931
NORMA PASB*533 Grey 1932
HARDY PASB*130 Bay 1926
FERJA PASB*95 Grey 1924
*ALADDINN AHR*177073 Bay 1975
LALAGE SAHR*77 Grey 1963 GERWAZY AHSB*2334 Grey 1955
DOKTRYNER PASB*1380 Grey 1950
GWARA PASB*1095 Bay 1946
LAFIRYNDA AHSB*2306 Grey 1954
MIECZNIK PASB*273 Grey 1931
LALA PASB*864 Grey 1938
ALADA BASKIN AHR*270714 Chestnut 1982
BASKE-TU AHR*31828 Bay 1965 *BASK++ AHR*25460 Bay 1956
WITRAZ PASB*901 Bay 1938
BALALAJKA PASB*962 Grey 1941
NAFTA AHR*12394 Chestnut 1957
NAFSI AHR*8840 Chestnut 1953
KISHTA AHR*1820 Grey 1940
LAUNA BASKETU AHR*111667 Bay 1974
BINT LUINA AHR*29640 Grey 1964 SUR-KNIGHT AHR*13893 Grey 1958
SUREYN AHR*1886 Grey 1940
CARMENCITA AHR*2723 Chestnut 1943
LUINA AHR*15615 Chestnut 1959
LUTAF AHR*2590 Chestnut 1943
TALIMA AHR*2884 Chestnut 1944
VLF ELECTRA+ AHR*549359 Grey 1997 
NABOR PASB*1669 Grey 1950 NEGATIV RASB*377 Grey 1945
NASEEM RASB*5 Grey 1922
TARASZCZA RASB*108 Grey 1937
LAGODNA RASB*167 Grey 1939
POSEJDON PASB*332 Grey 1916
OBRA PASB*569 Grey 1933
*WERBOR++ AHR*25726 Grey 1963
*ANTWERPIA AHR*25468 Chestnut 1953 WERSET PASB*892 Chestnut 1938
LOWELAS PASB*236 Chestnut 1930
ODA PASB*570 Chestnut 1933
ADIS ABEBA PASB*916 Chestnut 1947
OFIRKA PASB*1174 Bay 1939
NV SATURNA++ AHR*165206 Grey 1977
JLR YEANEYN AHR*31378 Grey 1965 FERNEYN AHR*2865 Grey 1944
FERSEYN AHR*1381 Grey 1937
MONEYNA AHR*1352 Grey 1937
SURYEA AHR*10344 Grey 1955
SUREYN AHR*1886 Grey 1940
QUARYEA AHR*5761 Grey 1949
YEANEYNA AHR*61569 Grey 1970
SHAH-VAL AHR*39671 Grey 1966 SHAH-RA-ZADA AHR*13421 Grey 1958
FADJUR AHR*7668 Bay 1952
ATHE AHR*3966 Grey 1947
ZAERAH AHR*4666 Chestnut 1948
MAHRA AHR*2571 Bay 1943
HAJJEH AHR*1327 Chestnut 1937

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Alana Baskin x NV Saturna++ | 1997 Grey Mare | Owned By: G-Force Arabians

In foal to PA Marco for a 2017 foal.

G-FORCE Arabians, The beginning

“Our first Arab was a rescue of sort in 1987. Our friend asked us to please buy her because she was neglected and underweight. The purchase price was $300. We had no doubt she would be a “crazy Arabian”. Our very young daughters quickly refused to ride their ponies in lieu of Klara. Thinking Klara was a fluke we tracked down her full sister and purchased KB for $1,200. Within months our 4 and 7 year old daughters were riding the two Arabians in the huge winter Parade of Lights in downtown Denver. Just like potato chips, you can’t stop with one or two, so we bred to our friend’s stallion and G-FORCE ARABIANS was born. ” Jim and Cindy Gromelski

In 2017 G-FORCE ARABIANS is expecting the birth of what is sure to be an exquisite next generation representative of the Arabian breed’s most recognized Legends. How? By crossing the incredibly talented, Western Pleasure and Reining multi-National and Scottsdale Champion, PA MARCO to VLF ELECTRA. VLF ELECTRA was an accomplished show horse in her own right as a Hunter Pleasure National Reserve Champion plus multi Regional Champion and Legion of Merit recipient. She is now retired from the show ring to the life of a broodmare and trail riding companion.

PA MARCO was selected as a breeding partner for ELECTRA because of his incredible conformation, structural balance, beauty, athleticism and willing disposition. When coupled with ELECTRA’s complimentary qualities, they are sure to enhance and strengthen the gene pool for future generations.

G-FORCE Arabians has a clear vision of producing Arabian horses that are beautiful, athletic, and poetic, with true form to function. We believe the ultimate accomplishment is to produce an Arabian that is a versatile athlete. G-FORCE Arabians has produced winners in reining, western pleasure, hunter pleasure, halter, endurance, sport horse, and racing. www.gforcearabians.com