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Tsimmer Down Now+//

Pedigree Gallery  

Arabian Horse Pedigree for TSIMMER DOWN NOW+//
*BASK++ AHR*25460 Bay 1956 WITRAZ PASB*901 Bay 1938
OFIR PASB*573 Bay 1933
MAKATA PASB*248 Grey 1931
BALALAJKA PASB*962 Grey 1941
IWONKA III PASB*723 Chestnut 1936
WIZJON AHR*187570 Bay 1978
*WIZJA AHR*145867 Bay 1973 EL PASO PASB*2409 Bay 1967
CZORT PASB*1330 Bay 1949
ELLORA PASB*1388 Bay 1950
WARMIA PASB*2293 Bay 1963
COMET PASB*1517 Grey 1953
WADERA PASB*1830 Chestnut 1957
BLACK N STYLE+// AHR*548261 Black 1991
STRIKE AHR*233766 Grey 1981 *ALADDINN AHR*177073 Bay 1975
NUREDDIN SAHR*439 Bay 1953
LALAGE SAHR*77 Grey 1963
GWYNDALYN AHR*66329 Grey 1970
*BASK AHR*25460 Bay 1956
*GWYN AHR*25462 Grey 1963
PEPTYKA AHR*384294 Bay 1987
*POZNAN AHR*244737 Chestnut 1975 NABEG RASB*1620 Bay 1966
ARAX RASB*1018 Bay 1952
PALMIRA RASB*1644 Bay 1967
SALON RASB*1412 Grey 1959
PTASHKA RASB*1094 Bay 1953
TSIMMER DOWN NOW+// AHR*640155 Grey 2007 
BAY EL BEY++ AHR*54146 Bay 1969 BAY-ABI++ AHR*12335 Bay 1957
ERRABI AHR*5473 Chestnut 1949
ANGYL AHR*4824 Bay 1948
*NAGANKA AHR*20338 Grey 1952
BAD AFAS PASB*958 Bay 1940
NAJADA PASB*518 Grey 1932
BEY TSPARK+// AHR*344335 Bay 1985
PENTA TS ZI AHR*236501 Bay 1981 IVANHOE TSULTAN AHR*77068 Bay 1971
LADY GANEYN AHR*85069 Bay 1972
GANEYN AHR*26353 Chestnut 1963
MERSYNA AHR*37594 Bay 1966
TSPARKLIN JEWEL+/ AHR*484445 Grey 1992
ARIZONA SANDS++/ AHR*88519 Grey 1972 DESERT SANDS++ AHR*30885 Grey 1965
*NABORR AHR*25472 Grey 1950
ESARE AHR*9403 Chestnut 1954
BEY RADA AHR*28422 Bay 1964
RADAMASON AHR*10967 Bay 1956
KOLIEY BAY AHR*16820 Bay 1960
KIZZEY AHR*161841 Grey 1977
QUEROL AHR*48495 Chestnut 1968 SENOR PULQUE+ AHR*27398 Chestnut 1964
PULQUE AHR*13401 Chestnut 1958
ABDAALAE AHR*13859 Chestnut 1958
RO RANDA AHR*20536 Bay 1961
WITEZRO AHR*11820 Bay 1957
ADINA AHR*3031 Chestnut 1944

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Black N Style+// + Tsparklin Jewel+/ | 2007 Grey Mare |

Tsimmer Down Now+// is a very talented mare who earned her Legion of Excellence status after only 6 years of competing. “Pearl” excels in Western and English Trail, Ranch Riding, Reining and Horsemanship and has been started Western Dressage. In 2017, she was Canadian National Champion in the Ranch Riding Open and AOTR classes, Canadian Reserve Champion in The English Trail Open, and in the Top 10 in AAOTR Western Trail at U.S. Nationals. She enjoys taking care of new riders and is talented enough to compete in open events. Pearl was bred by Jessica and David Bein and is owned by SaulVance, LLC. We are very excited that the sire of her first foal is PA Marco!

We chose to breed Pearl to Marco because he excels in both working western and western pleasure disciplines; he has his kind & gentle temperament; he is intelligent and intuitive; and his conformation is complementary to Pearl. As both Marco and Pearl excel in several disciplines, we feel there is a high chance that their offspring will also.