PA Marco Scholarship Fund

“There is no passion to be found in playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living” – Nelson Mandela


The PA Marco Scholarship Fund (PMSF) was founded to support the education and vocational training for parentless children in Liberia; a republic in West Africa founded by Americans who were previously enslaved. These children survived the effects of war and neglect, and were adopted and educated by CCH Children’s Home, and supported by the nonprofit, Save More Kids, Inc. These young adults are growing up and graduating from high school, in need of support to attend colleges and vocational training. Enabling these young people to continue advanced education will complete the cycle from hopelessness and poverty to becoming productive changemakers in their communities.

Why would a horse set an example for young people? PA Marco is a champion. He weighs 1,000 pounds and could easily refuse to work or even harm a person if he wanted to. Instead, PA Marco chooses to willingly work every day towards becoming a champion. He has exceeded expectations by doing his very best when he competes. At his home at Michigan State University Horse Teaching and Research, he is kind and gentle with the students who care for him. PA Marco sets an exemplary standard in his work ethic, courage, and his goodness. These are qualities that also help people to succeed and live a happy and productive live. We at the PA Marco Scholarship Fund believe that everyone can be a champion in their own, unique way.

Meet the first six PMSF Scholarship award winning students. Each one of these young people were able to recover from becoming parentless, homeless, and hungry, to becoming high achievers academically and as leaders; setting a high moral standard for others.

We are so proud of them! Please consider supporting future scholarship winners, there are more young people coming of age who deserve the opportunity for education that will enable them to be self-sufficient, to contribute to the children’s home, and their communities.

Meet the designers, Nyema and Naomi, two amazing sisters who were adopted to a new life at Christ Children’s Home (CCH) and are now thriving with this amazing talent, designing and sewing beautiful African clothes.

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